5 common causes of blocked drains

Our London plumbers talk you through the five most common causes of blocked drains.

There’s nothing worse than turning on a tap or flushing the loo and realizing your drains are blocked. Blocked drains cause a lot of stress, time loss, and bad odours. And without the right contacts, a blocked drain can be an expensive problem to fix. Our expert London plumbers talk you through what causes a blocked drain.

  • 1. The outside world: how nature can be your drain’s worst enemy.

London may be a sprawling concrete mass, but it’s also one of the greenest cities in the world. And as every plumber knows, nature is a major pain when it comes to blocked drains. Autumn leaves have a tendency to clump in pipes and block your drains. And that nice tree outside your kitchen window? London residents are forever calling plumbers because tree roots, searching for water, have cracked a pipe and made a nasty blockage.

  • 2. Cowboy plumbers leaving you a legacy of blocked drains.

Although your plumbing system is a marvel of engineering, pipes are delicate things. They need to be installed with due care and attention. It takes just one rogue plumber and you could end up with a blocked drain. Unfortunately, London is rife with cowboy tradesmen. Make sure you find the right plumber for the job. It’ll save a lot of stress later on.

  • 3. Your hair: a chief cause of blocked drains.

No matter how careful you are, your hair is your enemy when it comes to plumbing. Over time it builds up in pipes and can cause a serious blockage. Our London plumbers know just how fatal your hair can be for your drainage system.

  • 4. Grease and fat: our plumbers say be careful in the kitchen!

Fatty stuff from your cooking is a big headache when it comes to blocked drains. Plumbers know all too well that over time, this fatty residue sticks to the side of pipes and can cause an icky blockage.

  • 5. Strange objects: why debris is a villain.

Our London clients are often surprised by what finds its way into their pipes. Plumbers have unearthed everything from nappies to plastic toys to mobile phones. Soap and food residue is also a big problem. As are sanitary items or too much tissue. So be aware: the smallest of objects can give you a seriously blocked drain.

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