Handyman services for new landlords

Are you a new landlord in London? Don’t worry - our handymen are here to make your life easier.

London can be a tough place to be a landlord. In such a hectic sprawling city, trying to balance your work, family and landlord duties can end up being a real headache. As a landlord, it might be easy enough to get tenants into your property. But what about when things go wrong? There’s no use you being tied up at the opposite end of London when a pipe bursts or the boiler packs in. As any landlord knows, a team of expert handymen is a vital contact to have. You want handymen you can rely on, those that have your best interests at heart. It can be a tough job finding dependable handymen in London. But here at Dayco Maintenance, that’s exactly what we pride ourselves on: offering landlords a strong team of friendly, qualified and reliable handymen across the London area.

A London landlord’s nightmare…

Whether you’re renting out a shiny apartment in a new-build or a graceful old Victorian terrace, there is always something that could go wrong. It’s any landlord’s nightmare, especially in an enormous city like London where it’s not always easy to hurry round to your property in an emergency. That’s where our handymen come in. Our team is made up of uniformed, professional and trade qualified workers all across London. We can help you out with everything from electrics to plumbing to heating to roofing. And if you’re doing up your property for when your tenants move in, our handymen can assist with any plastering or carpentry that needs to be done (for a full list of what our handymen do, check out the ‘services’ page on our website).

Pete, Paul or Steve? Get to know our handymen on a first name basis.

We believe our handymen are the only team a London landlord needs. And we’re not just biased. They go to great lengths to deliver a reliable and competent service, and many of our customers know our friendly handymen on a first name basis! They work round the clock all across London to make your job as landlord as stress free as possible. Importantly, our handymen understand a landlord’s needs. And let’s face it: when things go wrong with your property, the last thing you need is any extra hassle!

Dayco maintenance tackle the small handyman jobs many companies ignore, please see this page for further information.