Dayco Handyman Services

What a Handyman can do For You

If you have odd jobs you want done you have two options. You can do them yourself or you can hire a handyman to do some of them for you. Which option you take depends on the type of job that needs to be done. It is partly dependant on your own skill set, how much time you have available and how much your local handy man charges.

To help you to decide when it is best to hire a handyman and when you may be better off doing the job yourself, read this article. It will give you an overview of the kinds of services most odd job firms offer.

Simple Jobs

The best firms do not mind doing small jobs. They know that if they are on hand for these small jobs and do them well, when bigger jobs need doing people will call them rather than anyone else.

Some firms will help with putting together flat pack furniture, clearing gutters, disposing of rubbish, making small repairs, such as repairing a broken window. They will usually also provide decorating services, and again the job does not have to be a big one. This means you can spread the cost of decorating your home throughout the year.

It may seem that using a handyman to clear rubbish is a bit extravagant. However, when you factor in how much it would cost you to run backwards and forwards to the dump or hire a skip it normally works out cheaper to hire someone to clear your rubbish.

More Challenging Jobs

Larger firms can also normally handle jobs that require the use of specialist equipment. For example painting a window above a conservatory may not be possible without the use of a cherry picker. Roof repairs are tricky and sometimes require the use of specialist equipment, which is why it is normally only larger firms that offer this kind of repair service.

Jobs a Handyman May not be Able to do

It is important to realise that not all jobs can be done by a handyman. For some jobs, you should be looking for a properly qualified person to carry them out. For example, any work that involves gas needs to be done by a Gas Safe registered engineer. Another example is home electronics. You need to find a properly qualified electrician to carry out this type of work. This is the case even for private homes, but is particularly important for landlords and businesses to adhere to this standard. Failure to do so can result in prosecution especially if something goes wrong and there is a fire or accident relating to the repair.

Dayco Maintenance is a great example of a building contractor that also offers handyman services. They work across London and the South East and can be contacted via email or by calling them on +44 (0)20 8440 5225 or 07739 377 865.